Girl Unwrapped:

"Girl Unwrapped highlights Goliger's prowess as a storyteller.” Xtra! Ottawa

"Goliger is at the top of her craft...” The Globe and Mail

".. Goliger's precise writing shows the hallmarks of a seasoned professional who knows exactly how to engage her reader: thoughtful prose, vibrant imagery, and compelling characters. Girl Unwrapped is a universally approachable story of self-discovery, told by a skilful and poised writer.” Quill & Quire

"Though rooted in her Jewish heritage, Toni Goldblatt must wrestle with it too. The adult Toni, the courageous character that emerges in Gabriella Goliger's first novel, has her own strength, complexity and loveliness.” Joy Kogawa, author of Obasan

"A hauntingly familiar coming of age story, yet poignantly fresh and new. Not just in Toni owning her identity as a lesbian, but doing this in a family of Holocaust survivors in a new country where the message is to conform at all costs. An authentic, touching story.” Heather Menzies, author of Enter Mourning

Song of Ascent:

"It is to Gabriela Goliger's credit to have written stories about the Holocaust from a twenty-first century perspective. She has created a series of fascinating characters, speaking with diverse voices, now strident, now hushed, but never completely jarring. Using the short story form to frame what could effectively be called a novel, she manages to conjure up a sense of history from these echoing, constellating tales. A poignant, gripping read.” Journal of the Short Story in English, 38 | Spring 2002

"an uncommonly beautiful piece of contemporary Holocaust literature. It is an intense book, moving in the simplicity of its images that are not bloodsoaked slices of remembrance but which, nevertheless, clearly make the point of how painful it is to survive and co-live with the weight of memory.” Federica K. Clementi, Jewish Federations of North America

"A new writer of considerable skill. The stories are full of evocative image.” The Citizen

"Goliger's eye and voice are steady and true, and her view of the spiritual and psychological chaos the Jews endured after the Holocaust is clear.” Bookworld

"Gabriella Goliger's stories are painstakingly knit together…mesmerizing and well written.” The Globe and Mail

"A poetic and poignant collection.” Publishers Weekly

"A thoroughly enjoyable read, somewhere between poetry and a novel.” Western Jewish Bulletin