In 1937, a young Eva Salomon leaves Germany for Palestine, yearning for a life free of fanaticism. Two oppressive forces have marred her childhood: her father’s rigid orthodoxy and the cruelties of the Nazi regime. Rebelling against her past, she finds love with a man who is anything but “kosher.” Duncan Rees is a British constable in the Palestine Police Force and as such represents a regime increasingly at odds with the dream for a Jewish state. As friction between Britain and the Jews intensifies, Eva falls under ever greater pressure to choose sides. And she also runs smack up against another form of fanaticism. Set during the complex upheaval of Palestine in the 1930s and ’40s, Eva Salomon’s War tells of the struggle to find a faith that does not blind, a love that does not lie, and solid human truths in the midst of ideological ferment.

Praise for Eva Salomon's War

“I felt as though I had been on a journey to mid-century Palestine after reading Eva Salomon’s War. Every detail is charged and real, the most minor characters speak with compelling voices. This novel is infused not just with Gabriella Goliger’s meticulous research, but with her deep sympathy for her subject, a fiercely alive young woman coming into her own in a world where every value is up for grabs. Joan Thomas, novelist, winner of 2019 Governor General's Award

“The smells and sounds and sights of the streets and the varied people who populate them during this historic period are brought to life in the strong, assured writing we have come to expect from Goliger. Frances Itani, fiction writer, poet, essayist, Member of the Order of Canada

“...the novel discloses in a most truthful, yet unobtrusive manner a period still unknown to many. Prof. Danielle Schaub, Israel

Eva Salomon’s War will introduce the uninitiated to a chaotic and confusing time in the life of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. But, it is so filled with wonderfully drawn episodes of history, that even those familiar with the period will be glad they refreshed their memories.” — Rabbi Steven Garten, Review, Ottawa Jewish Bulletin

“... a fresh and fascinating take on this period... Debra Martens, Canadian Writers Abroad.

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